Leading Steel Supplier for Construction Projects

Özkan Steel is an important steel supplier in major energy and construction projects all over the world. Our over 65 years of experience makes us the first choice of EPC and stockholder companies.

Our steel profile series are used in structures such as;

  • W Beams for Solar Energy projects,
  • Equal Angles for Transmission Tower projects,
  • Unequal Angles and Flat Bars in other specific construction projects.

Our wide range of hot rolled steel profiles does not only include regular sizes & grades but also customized width, thickness and steel grades according our customer needs. 

Product Portfolio

We can produce many profiles, especially Equal Angle, Unequal Angle, W Profile, Flats and Wide Flats at the requested standard or special dimensions.

Equal 40 - 250 mm
Unequal 65*50 - 250*90 mm
W Sections 4”- 6”- 8”- 10”- 12”
IPN / IPE 80 - 300 mm
IPE A - IPE AA 80 - 240 mm
IPE AAA - IPE AAAA 80 - 140 mm
UPN 60 - 300 mm
UPE 80 - 160 mm
UE AA 80 - 200 mm
PFC 100 - 300 mm
TFC 76*38 mm
UB 178*102 - 305*165 mm
UC 152 mm
RSJ 102*44 mm
HEA / HEB 100 - 200 mm
Flats 40 - 150 mm
Wide Flats 160 - 550 mm
Round 22 - 260 mm
Square 20 - 260 mm

Customized Quality

With our state of the art Melting shop, we are able to produce steel grades according to your project requirements.

Shipbuilding Steels
Boron Steels
Q+T Steels
Spring Steels
Resulphurized Steels
Case Hardening Steels
High Strength Steels
Carbon Steels
Nitriding Steels
Presure Vessel Steels
Rail Steels
Mining and Tunneling Steels
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant steel
Structural Steels
Flame Hardening Steels
Micro Alloyed Steels
Bearing Steels
Plastic Mould Steels


Customer / Project Based Poduction

We are well aware that major projects require special solutions. We are able to produce according to customer special specifications to help you achieve the best results for your most challenging projects.
Our experienced engineers also team up with our customers throughout the design process and provide appropriate drawings and technical details for your applications.

Frequent Rolling Campaigns

We know that delivery schedules are vital for our customers.
We have repeating rolling campaigns every 30 days to cover your deadlines and continuous sourcing requirements.