Wide Range of Use

Our special light steel profiles are used in applications such as Container and Trailer fabrication to reduce weight and enchance strenght of the structure which provides more loading capacity. Another widely use of our light profiles is in steel structure buildings to reduce costs and enable construction of larger structures.

Light Weight

We developed light beam profiles such as IPE A, IPE AA, IPE AAA, IPE AAAA, IPE AS which can achieve reduction in weight up to 38% compared to normal IPE series, without losing structural any strength.

Also, our light U channels profiles (UPE A) can achieve reduction in weight up to 19% compared to normal UPE series.

Light beam profiles in ASTM standard such as SLB, W Shapes and MC Shapes are also available and widely used profiles.

Enhanced Strength

We work closely with our customers to modify the chemical analyses of the steel to keep or even enhance the strenght of the profiles while reducting thickness and weight.

These profiles are hot rolled which gives them higher mechanical values compared to cold formed profiles.


Some of the Economic advantages of using these profiles;

• Lower material (steel) loss compared to other profiles

• Enchanced mechanical values compared to cold formed profiles

• Applicable in poor ground conditions to lower foundation cost due to its light weight

• Reduced transportation cost

• Shorter application time compared to other construction materials as well as application possibility in any weather condition

• Reusability of dismounted steel support materials due to durability and reusability of steel