Wide Range

Özkan Welded Wide Flange shapes cover the most common sizes of rolled wide flange shapes. In addition, they go beyond the rolled wide flange series in weight and in effective use of material. 

  Minimum (mm) Maximum (mm)
Overall Depth 200 3500
Flange Width 200 800
Flange Thickness 6 600
Web Width 200 3500
Web Thickness 6 40
Length 4000 24000
Camber (mm/m) 0 20
Mass (kg/m) 50 1000
Welding Throat 6 28
Web thickness for full penetration 10 16


Additional Services

Special welding requirements, such as full penetration welds for dynamically loaded members, can be accommodated up to a maximum web thickness of 16 mm.

Supplementary testing, such as;

• X-Ray

• Ultrasonic

• Magnetic particle

• Liquid penetrant

*are available for critical end uses, subject to acceptance.